Join a community of explorers and learn about the magickal arts as a spiritual practice.

You will be guided, via your inner landscapes and the collective consciousness, to explore all the realms, dimensions, and possibilities that lie beyond the physical.

You will discover personal inspiration and profound revelation.

You will reacquaint with the true essence of your mind, body, sex, and spirit.

Still life with open spell book, magical smoke, herbs, witchcraft tools and tea

Weekly guidance and step-by-step training in the most essential aspects of magickal practice:

Meditation – The 5 elements – The ritual of the sacred circle – Tree of life/Qabalah – Talismans – Healing – Tarot – Sex magick –  Manifestation – Time travel – Divination – Journeying – Shape shifting – Moon and planetary rituals – Past life discovery – Chanting  – Wheel of the year rituals – Intuition – Rites of passage rituals


I am a vision weaver, a dream walker, and a consciousness explorer.

I will show you the portals to the world between worlds.

I have found the map and unearthed the deeply buried treasures of our ancient magickal heritage.

I have reclaimed them from those who kept them hidden for thousands of years.

These treasures of powerful esoteric knowledge belong to you.

I want to return them to you.

They are your witch rites.