Welcome to this website. We are the witches of Sussex –  out and proud!

Witchcraft has been caricatured by the media and demonised by religion.

But it is not a Halloween parade of pointy hats, cobwebs, and sex with the devil.

Witchrites rejects this ridicule, vilification, and stigma.

Witchrites throws off this dark cloak of secrecy and superstition.

hands together

Witchrites is dedicated to…

Providing a non-discriminatory community where people can share ideas and experiences, rituals and spells.

Offering a truly supportive network and genuine guidance towards spiritual growth and empowerment.

Addressing the false ‘traditional’ binary male/female gender stereotypes and roles within spiritual and cultural understanding.

Particularly supporting people who have experienced exclusion from spiritual groups due to discrimination based on body type, gender, sexual orientation, relationship structure, physical ability, state of health, ethnicity, and/or financial means.

No matter who you are, you have a right to the rites and rituals of magickal consciousness.

Still life with open spell book, magical smoke, herbs, witchcraft tools and tea