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Magick, Meditation, Tree of Life, Past Life Exploration, Talismans, Intuition, Ritual of the Sacred Circle, Intuition, Visionary Consciousness, Scrying, Dreamweaving, Journeying, Wheel of the Year rituals, Shapeshifting and more…

Joining as an individual

You are welcome to join as an individual. You will receive the same support and guidance as everyone. You will also have access to the forums in order to share experiences and information with all members.

Joining to work as a group

In order to gain access to the forums and the weekly guidance emails, all the individuals in your group need to join the web-coven. If you don’t have a group together yet, this ritual will help you gather the right people together to create your group – Calling In Your Coven.

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I am dedicated to making this valuable magickal work accessible to everyone.

Therefore, you are invited, with love and trust, to pay what you can afford in order to join this community – all levels will receive the same content and access to forums. If the amounts below are beyond your reach, please email me and I will arrange a special discount code for you.

You can pay this amount for as long as you are a member.  But if your circumstances change (for better or worse) you are welcome to change levels at any time.

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